For Breastfeeding Moms: 6 Reliable Breast Pumps

September 24, 2019by Rodney Watson

1.Kiinde Twist Starter Kit

Many moms spend a lot of time shopping for baby shoes in Malaysia, and forget about their own personal needs. If you are breastfeeding your little one, you need to make your life easier by purchasing a reliable manual breast pump. This specific pump has storage pouches that come in handy once pumping takes place.

2.SpeCtra 9 Plus Double Pump

The Spectra 9 is a quality, compact breast pump that provides multiple breast shields, from 20mm to 32mm. Even if you have a smaller breast, you can still get a breast shield that fits perfectly.

3.Autumnz ESSENTIAL Double Electric Pump

The entire breastfeeding experience can be painful for some mothers, so it’s crucial to find a breast shield that can lessen the discomfort. Autumnz breast pump has a silicone massage breast shield that will give you peace of mind, and ensure efficiency.

4.Real Bubee Electric Automatic Dual Pump

This specific breast pump is created to make breastfeeding easier for mothers. It has dual pumps that drain breast milk more effectively with the help of adjustable pressure.

5.Lacte Duet Elite Rechargeable Electric Pump

If you have twins, this is the breast pump for you. The Lacte Duet Elite has 2 discrete breast pumps that you can operate individually. Taking care of two babies is difficult, so you would want to make sure that the breast pump wouldn’t wake them up.

6.Medela Freestyle Pump

The Medela Freestyle pump can save mothers lots of time. The double pumping feature can drain the breasts efficiently in order to maintain adequate supply of breast milk.

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