For Mommies: Choosing the Best Nursing Wear

September 11, 2019by Rodney Watson

Pregnancy is not just about purchasing baby essentials before your baby comes home. Shopping for baby carriers in Malaysia is fun, but don’t forget about yourself. One of the first things you must buy for yourself is a nursing cover.

1.Shawls, Scarves and Wraps

When it comes to nursing covers, there are plenty of styles to choose from. You can even wear an infinity scarf made for breastfeeding. This functions as a fashion accessory. Many moms choose something that they can wear as a poncho and sweater in one. It helps to pick a multi-purpose one! When you are not nursing, all you need to do is lift the collar over the head, and turn it into a sweater.


Tanks are essentials in maternity fashion. An empire-wasted cami is a common choice for post-partum mothers who still love to rock their belly bumps. They love it because it fits perfectly, even for busty moms. It is also very flattering when worn with maternity pants.


It’s no secret that when wearing regular dresses, it’s difficult to nursing in. Don’t worry. There are plenty of soft, lightweight choices out there which are comfortable even for casual events. If you want, you can pick many color options. Just remember, if you are buying from an online store, double check the measurements.

4.Sleep Wear

For pregnant moms, a lose-fitting sleep gown is a must-have. It is perfect for hormonal flashes and summer season. The best advice for this is to pick the most affordable one. You wouldn’t want to spend a tons of money on a nursing nightgown! Choose a dress that is mostly made of cotton, with useful features like nursing claps and inner sling.

5.Active Wear

Even moms need to have a regular exercise routine. Regular jogging bras a difficult to nurse in, but by wearing this, you can still do yoga, and nurse. Look for a nursing sports bra that is comfortable, and supportive enough. You can also wear this when sleeping.

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