What Makes WordPress Hosting Different?

August 7, 2019by Rodney Watson

Are you looking for the best web hosting companies in Malaysia? If you are planning to create a business website on WordPress, you might as well consider WordPress hosting services.

Through WordPress hosting, you can handle a vast range of websites, from little static pages to huge data-heavy websites with images, videos and other interesting stuff. Web hosting plans vary a lot, though, so make sure to choose the best one for your business goals.

Below are 4 main types of web hosting plans under WordPress.

1.Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common web hosting plan for beginners. It is popular among newbies because while it has no immediate growth potential, it’s still affordable and reliable. Remember, you can save money in this kind of set up, but there are also some drawbacks. With this plan, if a website under your server upgrades, or gets stuck with huge traffic, your own website would suffer.

2.VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is in a way, the same with shared hosting. There are many websites sharing a single server and its space, though there is a specific limit on how many websites can be managed on that specific server. The bandwidth and storage space are also partitioned, so every website has their own previously set amount.

3.Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is also similar to shared hosting service, but there is a big advantage. You won’t be connected to a single server. You are to be connected to a vast network of them. Instead of fighting for bandwidth and storage space on a server, your website just moves forward to a new one.

4.Dedicated Hosting

What if your website beings to get more traffic? Do you want to add more videos and images? Well, if you do, your website would grow, and you would need to upgrade on a new website hosting plan. The right web hosting plan for you this time? Dedicated hosting. In this type of set of set up, the bandwidth and storage space is all yours.

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